Pumpkins and Decorations

We have 8 acres of pumpkins and over 38 varieties. There are large and small in several colors and they are smooth or bumpy. Some pumpkins are really squash and very edible. The large ones are stringy, but the smaller pie pumpkins are sweeter and meatier. White pumpkins can also make a lovely decoration for your fall wedding.

Assorted pumpkins.Carved PumpkinWhite pumpkins make great wedding decorations.

We also have some wonderful fall decorations including-

    • Corn stalks-large or mini bundles
    • Decorative corn-tied or individual ears
    • Mini pumpkins-orange or white
    • Gourds-large or small, dried
    • Straw bales-regular or mini
    • Broom Corn
    • Fall Mums

Feel free to pick your own...find one or a wagon load, a great family experience.

 Boy with wagon of pumpkins.PumpkinsPicking pumpkins from the pumpkin field.New Wagon

In 2022, Farmer John found a new pumpkin in the catalog called Badjelly. It is named after a witch in a New Zealand childrens book. The pumpkin has a unique, eye catching fruit with a light buffy banana-color, a puckered stem and distinct warts. Just like a witch! It usually weighs about 12-16 pounds.

Farmer John came up with his own idea about the name Badjelly and the two witches who visit him each Halloween.

The Story of Badjelly and Farmer Johns Two Witches

Come visit the farm and get your own Badjelly pumpkin and see Farmer Johns two witches, Badjelly and Goodjam.