Things to Do



We will provide a simple, hands on fun in an informal setting, where family traditions begin and memories are created as well as a source for all you fall decorating supplies.

Caterpiller at Farmer JohnsBaby and mumsChildren playingFarmer John and little girl.


Enjoy the opportunities

    • Pick your own pumpkin
    • Pick raspberries
    • See the chickens and pet the kitties
    • Explore the silo slide
    • See the witch and ghosts
    • Shop in the barn
    • Bring a picnic

Capture the Memories

Boy with witch.      



We have 8 acres of pumpkins and over 30 varieties. There are large and small in several colors and they are smooth or bumpy. Some pumpkins are really squash and very edible. The large ones are stringy, but the smaller pie pumpkins are sweeter and meatier. White pumpkins can also make a lovely decoration for your fall wedding.

Assorted pumpkins.Carved PumpkinWhite pumpkins make great wedding decorations.

We also have some wonderful fall decorations including-

    • Corn stalks-large or mini bundles
    • Decorative corn-tied or individual ears
    • Mini pumpkins-orange or white
    • Gourds-large or small, dried
    • Straw bales-regular or mini
    • Fall Mums

Feel free to pick your own...find one or a wagon load, a great family experience.

 Boy with wagon of pumpkins.Picking pumpkins from the pumpkin field.     Wagon Ride




Walking through the woods.Learning about plants.Farmer John and school class.      The Hunt

School classes and children's groups love visiting Farmer John's...and Jan's.

Children are shown the variety of pumpkins grown, given a tour of the barn where they are encouraged to touch or hold the decorative corn, gourds, squash and pumpkins on display. They also are "squished" into the strawberry, given a tour of Farmer John's house (corn house). After seeing the chickens and some garden vegetables, they "finally" get to go into the silo (slide) before going upstairs to the barn classroom for more information about growing pumpkins, participating in Farmer John's magic and pumpkin carving before heading out to the patch to find their favorite pumpkin to take home.

Evening groups (usually involve parents and more time)

Campfire and sticks available for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.


Field Trips are approximately one hour long.

Must be scheduled in advance.
Phone: 507-437-2642

Cost: $6.00/child preschool and kindergarten
        $8.00 First Grade through Adult
        No charge for chaperones
        $50.00 Minimum charge per group
Fire: $35.00 (includes marshmallow sticks)
Tractor drawn wagon ride: $100.00 by special arrangement




Loft for PartiesCarved PumpkinRoasting hotdogs.             

Looking for that special place for a party? Up the stairs to the loft is the perfect place for a birthday, graduation, reunion, meeting, etc.

You may bring your own food, non alcoholic beverages, and decorations. Tables and chairs are provided.


    • Facility: $200 includes Farmer John to carve one pumpkin (if requested)
    • Advance Cleanup Fee: $50 refundable if returned to original condition
    • Fire: $35.00 includes marshmallow sticks
    • Tractor drawn wagon ride: $100.00

Must be scheduled in advance
Phone: 507-437-2642



Formal Pictures

Often selected country setting for beautiful wedding, graduation, and family pictures. Also businesses that need an ad with a country look.

Site Fee: $100.00


Your Pictures

What a special and fun way to measure you child's growth. Take a picture each year by Farmer John's "How Tall This Fall" growth chart. There are many perfect places all over the farm for that memorable Christmas photo.

How Tall this FallFamily Photo Old TruckOld Artic Cat            





We do have a few requests for your safely and the enjoyment of others.

We are not in the entertainment business! We are here to provide a good old fashioned country experience.

Our Pet Policy

We love  pets, but please do not bring your pets to the farm. We ask this for their safely as well as the safely of others.

Our kitties have claws. We ask that you instruct your children to pet them, but not pick them up.

Our Child Policy

Children left unattended will be towed away at owners expense ;~) While this is of course not true, do keep and eye on your children and .